Bryant Roses is a prolific songwriter whose works span 20 years. If you put all of his songs in chronological order, you would have a story of a man’s life as he endures teenage alienation, the ups and downs of relationships, and life as a family man. In adulthood, Bryant began to hone in on his musicality. Over the past two decades, Bryant has written more than 100 songs, and he’s starting to share those in albums planned to debut starting in early 2023. 

Bryant is an adept guitar player whose strumming and chords create the perfect backdrop for his softly crooning voice. He categorizes his music as “modern American folk,” and it’s certain that you can hear drops of soft rock and country in his lyrics and guitar styling. Bryant doesn’t just sing and play guitar, he tells stories centered around major life themes such as relationships, life questions, and redemption. All of his music reflects his life experiences. 

This music is for the every day. He affirms ordinary life, letting listeners know that the day-to-day is truly the most important thing in life. Bryant works a regular full-time office job completely outside of the music industry while pursuing his musical goals. He’s also a husband and a father of two. In the mornings, Bryant has coffee with his wife before their two children go to school. He heads off to his job and creates soulful melodies in his free time. 

This isn’t the life of a rockstar. This is the life of a normal everyday man who chooses to weave music into the fabric of his life, right alongside his family and career. Bryant plans to release 10 albums over the next 10 years, as he continues raising kids with the love of his life.